What are the standards for selecting flange gaskets?

2023-12-04 15:07

The flange gasket is one of the important hardware components used in pipeline flange connections, which serves as a seal between two flanges. The medium, pressure, and temperature directly affect the selection of flange gaskets. So when it comes to choosing, we need to consider the specific situation. So, how should we choose the flange gasket? What are the standards for flange gaskets? Don't worry, let's take a look at Jiuzheng Hardware Network below.

flange gasket

Selection of flange gasket:

(1) When selecting or ordering gaskets, the following basic data should be understood:

a. The sealing surface type and size of the matching flange;

b. The nominal diameter of flanges and gaskets;

c. The nominal pressure of flanges and gaskets;

d. The temperature of the fluid medium;

e. The properties of fluid media.

(2) When selecting gaskets, the following factors should also be considered:

a. Has good compression and rebound performance, able to adapt to temperature and pressure fluctuations;

b. Has good plasticity and can fit well with the flange sealing surface;

c. For certain metals with a tendency towards stress corrosion cracking (such as austenitic stainless acid resistant steel) flanges, it should be ensured that the gasket material does not contain excessive impurities that cause various types of corrosion, such as controlling the chloride ion content of the gasket to corrode the flange;

d. Non polluting medium;

e. For highly toxic chemicals sealed, gaskets are required to have greater safety; For pipeline systems transporting flammable liquids, it is required that the maximum operating pressure and maximum operating temperature of the gasket used on the flange are within the limited range;

f. Not easy to harden at low temperatures, with small shrinkage, not easy to soften at high temperatures, and good resistance to creep;

g. Good processing performance, easy installation and compression;

h. Non adhesive flange sealing surface, easy to disassemble.

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