What are the hardware accessories for locks? Precautions for selecting hardware locks

2023-12-04 15:08

1. Lock body

A typical household purchase can basically meet the needs of household safety. The width of the lock body must be reduced to 241 millimeters according to the standard requirements. The design of the lock body generally chooses a large tongue lock, which cannot be adjusted in direction, making it safer for daily use. In the market, the price of accessories for this type of anti-theft door will also be relatively higher.

2. Door handle

It is also one of the essential items for opening doors, so aluminum alloy materials are used. Compared to iron materials in the past, the advantage of Russian and Chinese materials is that they are not easily deformed, do not change color or duplicate, are more sturdy and durable, have good stability, and have a glossy appearance. They can be transformed into different shapes to increase the safety of anti-theft doors. Therefore, they are one of the very important accessories for anti-theft doors.

3. Lock the heart

The first accessory that directly affects the safety of anti-theft doors is the use of door locks. In our profession, we call it the three part set of anti-theft door accessories, which includes lock core, lock body, and door handle. The best of these three parts is made of zinc alloy, which has a smoother hand feel, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and a longer service life, Not easily damaged by repeated insertion and extraction.

4. Ordinary bullet door lock

The ordinary bullet lock is the most commonly used door lock. After the lock is locked, it can be opened indoors using the handle attached to the lock, and from outdoors it must be opened with a key. The indoor safety button can prevent outdoor keys from opening, and the lock tongue can be fixed inside the lock body to allow the door to be freely pushed open. The outdoor insurance mechanism can prevent the lock tongue from freely retracting after the door lock is closed, preventing foreign objects from moving the lock tongue to open the lock outdoors. The lock with anti release function prevents the lock from being removed from the outside of the door.

Precautions for selecting lock hardware

1. The environment, conditions, and requirements for use. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the usage environment, such as humidity, door structure, thickness, whether to open the door left or right, whether to open the door inside or outside, to prevent buying the wrong product. We also need to consider coordination with the decorative environment. According to personal preferences, when purchasing products, consideration should be given to the coordination and matching of their living environment.

2. The place used and its importance. Consider using it on street facing doors, hall doors, rooms, bathrooms, or passageways in order to select products that are suitable for the desired functionality. Consider the condition of family members and whether there are elderly, children, or disabled individuals in the family, and choose products that are convenient for their use. Consider the reputation and service level of distributors to prevent some distributors from recommending counterfeit and inferior products to consumers based on their own interests.

3. Considering the economic capacity and family economic situation, those with abundant resources can purchase high-end products, while those with less than ideal resources can choose lower grade products. However, it is important to consider whether the production enterprise has strong strength and stable quality when choosing high-end or low-grade products. It is recommended to choose products from well-known enterprises to avoid financial losses and unnecessary troubles and troubles in daily life.

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